Client Feedback

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]Hi Gareth,

Your flies are superb. Many thanks.

I am afraid to say that I was driven to use your nymphs last Saturday, having manfully persevered with dries for about 4 hours with no result. The outcome: I had about 20 grayling. On the same day, the fellow is probably the most experienced and best fisherman there (and certainly the most committed) only managed 1 grayling.

Absolutely deadly! Thank you.

I shall be putting another order in the post to you soon.

Best wishes,

Tom Putnam, 03/07/2012[/box]

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Hi Gareth,

I have been to quite a few of the evenings like the one that was held last night at the Hereford Fly Tying Club. Your one I will always remember, it was that good.

I must say that I found your approach wonderful. The whole room was captivated. A real skill you have there, and I know it has been brought about by hard work.

I said to the guy next to me “When he becomes famous, I will be proud to stand up and say, I knew him when he used to laugh at my jokes!”

Thank you for an inspiring night, and great artistry.

Kind regards,


Roger Miles, 22/05/2012[/box]

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In the absence of any sensible chance of fishing the Monnow, Lloyd and I decamped to the Derbyshire Wye. We both fished your tying of the Greenwell/Adams variant, #16 and #18 almost exclusively. On the first day we caught 70 fish and on the second, harder day, 25 between us.

Every fly looked the business and floated perfectly, obviously proved attractive to the wild Browns and Rainbows and all were really durable – none needing to be replaced due to wear and tear, just angler incompetence.

Robert Denny, 06/05/2012[/box]

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The River Beat Fly Order - CDC MidgeI recently ordered a handful of flies from Gareth Lewis for the upcoming fishing season. I’d seen a few photos of his work on a fly fishing forum and I was impressed. So I ordered a couple of the usual patterns he offers for sale – CDC & Elk, Olive Paraduns and micro Copper Johns and also asked him if he would do a custom job. The fly I had in mind was a very simple yet “buggy” looking midge pattern featured on Tom Sutcliffe’s website, the high-vis CDC Midge. The fly is designed for South African conditions but I noticed Tom mentions the pattern was used with some success on his last trip to the southern chalkstreams, so much so that the locals raided his fly box and took every last one. I suspect it’s a pattern that will work well in most parts of the world. Gareth, who admits to being a bit of a midge fanatic, happily agreed to oblige.

Justin @ The River Beat blog, 19/01/2012[/box]

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Many, many thanks Gareth for your wonderful selection of flies in a presentation box which my wife gave to me for Christmas. I really haven’t stopped beaming since I had it and can’t stop looking at them, which may make me a bit sad in the eyes of my wife but you’ll understand. On the one hand I can’t wait to try them but on the other, I’m afraid to use them in case I lose any.

Once again, I can’t thank you enough and look forward to seeing you sometime during the new season.

Seasons greetings,

Stuart Jenkins

Stuart Jenkins, 26/12/2011[/box]

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My order arrived today and, I must say, the flies are beyond my expectations. Marvelous work! I will have to up my tying a notch or two to even get anywhere these little beauties.

Thanks for speedy service, all the best and tight lines.

Mike (Portugal)

Mike Krayema, 08/11/2011[/box]

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Henry Young and a cracking graylingHi Gareth,

Just sending you some photos of the grayling Henry caught on Sunday using the flies you tied for us, He had over twenty grayling to 2.5lb.!! The killer combination being the Klinkhamer Special (#16) and the Bead-Head Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear (#16) fished New Zealand-style! Both flies where readily taken by the grayling at any time! His best run was four grayling in four casts!

We both had a great day which was made a lot easier using your great flies!!

Thanks again,

All the best Adam & Henry.

Adam Young, 18/10/2011[/box]

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Field testing had to wait until yesterday evening. The klinks did not disappoint. They float like corks and sit well in the water. Just what I’ve been looking for! My local stream is on its knees now in midsummer, poor winter rain compounded by abstraction like many of the South Country rivers, and typically no hatch whatsoever, save the odd sedge. Even in such tricky conditions, the klinks rose fish in all the likely lies, including the big fish that has eluded me in consecutive visits (he slashed just short again!). All wild fish here so a good test for the klinks which passed with flying colours!

Chris Purdie, 25/07/2011 (Fly Tying Services)[/box]